SAP HCI | Message Events in Integration Flows

Message events are used to point changes in the state of message processing of an Integration flow. In precise, if a message travels to an integration flow, then the pipeline starts processing the message. Or, when the integration pipeline has to propel message to the receiver, it would have completed processing the message. Such changes in states are overtly modelled as events.
Different types of Message Events and their usage :
Start and End Message Events:
When SAP Cloud Platform Integration is given a message from a Sender and when SAP Cloud Platform Integration sends a message to a Receiver.  It uses the Start Message and End Message events.  In general , when we create an integration flow, the start and end message events are readily available

SAP HCI - Message events

Error start and Error End Message Events:
Error Start and Error End Message Events can be utilized only within an exception sub-process.

Timer Message Events:
Timer start is mainly utilized in scenarios  where there is a need to go and pull data from systems or have to activate Web services at specified time/ intervals. In terms of polling, at present we can make use of it only with a SuccessFactors adapter as it is a pull-based adapter.
 The standard guide of using a timer is –  A content modifier followed by a timer. This protocol should be followed  because a timer does not produce payload in the pipeline. With a content modifier, we can generate the request payload that can be sent to the system.

Timer message event - SAP HCI

Terminate End Message Events:
Terminate End Message event is useful when there is need to stop further processing of a message. For instance, In a content router where you are processing defined for specific values on the payload. If the payload does not match those values, if you want to terminate the connection, then you can make use terminate End Message event.

SAP HANA Cloud Integration - Terminate End Message Event

All the message events can be configured from Integration palette.

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