Tracing Capability in SAP HCI

Tracing is a overwhelming aspect that allows us to check the payload values after each and every integration flow step. Tracing details are represented in little yellow envelopes in an integration flow . The below picture show the tracing elements represented in yellow envelopes.

SAP HANA Cloud  - Tracing capability

Enabling of Tracing in SAP HCI :

Tracing can be enabled by using two simple steps:
We have to explicitly request the tracing capability to be enabled on the tenant, because at present this feature is disabled by default. We have to generate a message on LOD-HCI requesting the tenant capability to be enabled.
Then configure at the integration flow level. During the configuration of integration flow properties, you have to enable integration flow at the properties level.

Configuration og tracing in SAP HANA Cloud Integration

How to view Tracing?
We can view or access the traces of the message payload from Message monitoring screen. For this we can use either of the  two feature View MPL and Export MPL.

The Export MPL feature has a optional facility to export the traces and send it to another colleague. By using this feature we can import the traces and also check out the data.

How to view tracing in SAP HCI

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